About Us

Anerionline.com is a B2B online sales portal for Industrial Metals, Steel and Non Ferrous Metals. The purpose of our portal is to provide real time price and just in time delivery of the product. We aim to provide a simple platform for our buyers to browse and choose from our wide range of Metals. We deliver across India and abroad.

Why Buy From Us ?

Seamless Experience of Buying Process
Real Time Pricing
On Time Performance & Delivery
Customer Friendly Approach
Genuine Choice of Supplier & Consumer

Aneri Online is one of the renowned online metal suppliers in India that deals in industrial metal. It is a simple platform designed for the buyers to browse and choose from our wide range of metals. Our online portal provides you with a real-time price.We not only deliver across India but also abroad.

We have captured the leading wholesale metal market in India by providing quality products and services to our customers.We have a professional approach towards the present and future business. With us, you get to procure the best quality metals. Our key objective is to provide quality service and fast delivery so that we turn out to be your first choice.

We work with a highly professional team that can assure you a positive work attitude. They have a clear understanding of the ever-changing demand of today's customers and meet them with high efficiency.

1. Why purchase from us?

Ans:With Aneri Online you get to see the real-time pricing and thus enjoy a seamless purchasing experience online. We deal with only genuine suppliers and customers thus offering you an authentic platform. Our customer-friendly approach and on-time delivery makes us a preferred choice.

2. Do I get a discount if I purchase in huge volume?

Ans: Yes, we do give your volume rebate. If you purchase metal above a certain quantity, you are eligible for certain percentage of discount. For details, you can get in touch with us over the phone or WhatsApp chat.

3. After I have ordered an item what is the expected delivery time?

Ans: Delivery time is entirely dependent on the shipping method and the total distance the product needs to travel. We count delivery dates in terms of business days that do not include the day of shipment. For example, if a shipment is supposed to take 3 days, and it is shipped on a Wednesday from our end, you can expect it to arrive after 3 days i.e. the following Monday.